How to Personalize Your Nutrition Using Your Own DNA – DNA Nutrition Test

You can leave the table once you’ve eaten everything on your plate.”


There was a time when our mothers believed this mealtime rule would help us grow up to be healthy and strong.


But today’s world is much more complex—especially when it comes to what’s on our plates.


Just like the pattern in our fingerprints, our nutritional needs are unique to each and every person. When it comes to how we fuel our bodies, we now know that general nutrition guidelines, the latest supplement trends and fad diets simply don’t work.


The key to feeling well and staying healthy is to know what to eat. This formula is contained in our DNA.

Your DNA can help you make smarter food choices


GenoPalate’s nutrition DNA test is just like the one you’d take to research your ancestry. Once you’ve submitted your DNA test kit or existing test results to us, your DNA is analyzed to determine how your body processes food.


Based on your DNA results, we’ll create a customized nutrition profile for you. Your profile will include a detailed breakdown of each nutrient including how much you need and the best sources for you.


You’ll find out how your body processes carbohydrates, fiber, sugar, fats, protein, vitamins and minerals. Your profile will also alert you to a potential sensitivity to lactose or gluten and analyze how you process caffeine and alcohol.
The science behind a DNA-based diet


GenoPalate’s testing uses nutritional genomics, also known as nutrigenomics. This is the study of the relationship between the human genome, nutrition and health. We use this whole-body science to determine what you should eat based on how your body will respond.


Let’s take this science lesson a bit further.


DNA is the genetic material that carries the information that determines how your body looks and functions. Your genes are specific regions of your DNA that provide your body with instructions on how to make proteins. These instructions affect the function of your body’s tissues and organs.


These instructions come from specific locations on your genes called genetic variants, or single nucleotide polymorphisms. Variants are distinguished by a difference in a single nucleotide (A, C, T and G). These nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA.


For example, when two people have two different genetic variants for a certain gene, they have two different sets of instructions. This makes each person have a different variation of the protein that gene is responsible for making- causing each protein to function differently. It’s the differences in the protein function that affect the function of your body’s tissues and organs.


Small variants in your genes can lead to drastic differences in the way your body processes food. They influence how you metabolize nutrients and absorb certain vitamins.


GenoPalate analyzes 100+ genetic variants that directly impact how your body processes food. You’ll learn about your associated genotype (your unique set of nucleotides that determine your nutrition recommendations). You’ll also learn the prevalence of your genotype (the percentage of the population that also has your genotype) for each gene.


This analysis of your genes will provide you with a roadmap for the foods and nutrients you should be consuming for optimal health.


For example, you might have been born with a predisposition to be vitamin D deficient. Your spouse might have been born with a higher ability to break down caffeine. Your best friend might have been born with a lower ability to efficiently process protein.


Here’s a more detailed example.


Jim and Amber are married. Because they are genetically unrelated, with unique genetic makeups, they have different nutrient needs.


From Jim’s genetic results we are able to determine that his genotype has a higher demand for omega-3 fatty acids, a lower demand for carbohydrates and sugar, and a moderate demand for fiber.


Based on Amber’s genotype, we are able to determine that she may thrive on moderate amounts of omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates and sugar, and higher amounts of fiber.


These differences in their nutritional needs makes certain foods better for Jim, with other foods better for Amber.


For example, we’ve been told that eating vegetables is beneficial to our health. This is true, but WHAT vegetables are best for YOU? Based on Jim’s nutrition test, we can see that soybean sprouts have a nutrition profile that’s more compatible with his genes. In comparison, green beans have a nutrition profile that’s more compatible with Amber’s genes.


Get your own DNA-personalized nutrition analysis and report from GenoPalate
GenoPalate is a niche health and wellness company that uses your DNA to help optimize your health by providing personalized nutrition insights, food plans, recipes and supplements. DNA-based personalized nutrition – Eat For Your Genes. Discover your ideal intake of carbohydrates, protein, fats, vitamins and minerals. Get a comprehensive list of the 100+ foods that have a nutrition profile that matches best with your genetic-based nutrition recommendations. Learn more:

Everything you need to know about the casino dealer

If there is a fundamental figure in any casino, whether physical or online, it is the croupier. He knows perfectly how a game works, and handles the cards and tokens with unusual skill to speed up the game. Necessary in roulette, blackjack or many other table games, without the presence of it the casino could never function the same. But what exactly is the role of the casino dealer? At iJuego, the best online casino in Canada, we tell you what a croupier is and what his functions are.

What is a croupier?
The croupier’s main mission is to control and direct the game at the table that corresponds to him. He is responsible for dealing with the client, and for enforcing the casino’s action protocols, acting at all times in accordance with the rules of both the casino and the game.

But, in addition to knowing the rules well and strictly complying with them, the croupier must also manage the users’ bets, and in those games in which the bank also plays, such as blackjack, play on his behalf.

Likewise, he must have the ability to find winning patterns and to calculate the winnings or bets that players must place.

The online casino croupier
Although it can be believed that the figure of the casino does not make sense in the online casino Zenit (play here), the truth is that the opposite happens. As in physical casinos, the role of the croupier in the online casino is essential. In these cases he must be able to direct the game and dynamize it at the same time.

Also, keep in mind that some online casinos, such as iJuego, have live chats in which the croupier and the participants can talk live.

Live games are becoming more numerous in online casinos. Many players prefer to bet from home, but without giving up the excitement of physical gaming rooms. The dealer’s role, then, is to make the game entertaining and convey the intrigue and fun of any other casino.

What do you have to do to be a croupier?
With the large number of casinos that exist, becoming a croupier is an idea that more and more young people are considering.

In all casinos it is essential to have people capable of acting as intermediaries between the player and luck, which is why the croupier profession has more and more future and is more in demand. But what do you have to do to be a croupier?

If you want to occupy this position you must train, master the rules and the operation of the games perfectly and learn and develop great skill with your hands. Likewise, you must also have a great ability in mental calculation to be able to solve operations in the shortest possible time.

Training as a croupier is a great option for those looking for a job today. In addition, it offers a wide range of professional categories, which allows continuous improvement.

The skills of a good casino croupier
Being a croupier is not easy. It requires having a series of very specific personal skills that allow you to manage everything that is happening around you. Therefore, it is essential that you stand out in the following aspects:

– Mental agility: the croupier must have an agile mind to detect bets and winning hands. He must also be able to be aware of everything that happens and prevent any mishap.
-Manual dexterity: he must be able to transmit reliability and professionalism when handling decks, dice, roulette… And he must do it without wasting time in the game.
-Be good with numbers: he must have the ability to perform mathematical operations mentally and quickly, since he is in charge of distributing the winnings and accepting the bets.
– Peace of mind: on certain occasions the croupier will find himself facing a large bet in which the house or a player will be close to winning or losing very large amounts. In these situations, the croupier must maintain a calm and serene attitude, without spreading nervousness to the participants. This also applies to rude players.
– People skills: the croupier is the visible face of the casino, and the first line when dealing with any doubt or claim from a player. In addition, the player must be comfortable at the table and for this the croupier must have people skills and be communicative so that everything flows naturally and the clients are at ease.
– Good observer: while the game is taking place, the croupier is in charge of supervising the honorability of the players and that the rules are followed. If this is not the case, he must sound the alarm, but always with total discretion.

Dealer functions
Although the croupier’s tasks are multiple, the following stand out among the most common.
– Dealing the cards: dealing cards, chips or balls is the main task of any croupier.
– Play for the bank: in games in which the bank plays like blackjack, the croupier will be the rival to defeat.
– Pay the players: this means paying attention to the victories and bets made and being able to have a good mental calculation to avoid mistakes in the distribution of the prizes.
– Solve the doubts of the player: the croupier also has the obligation to help the players in everything they need. – – It is the visible face of the casino and it has to show the best face so that the client is happy.
– Enforce the rules: Only a professional and experienced dealer is capable of enforcing all the rules and uncovering the cheating of expert players.

Now you know what a casino croupier is and what his role is, but the best thing about the casino is to play and have fun with the different games of chance. In iJuego you can choose from a large number of options and have a fun time with our croupiers throwing balls or dealing cards 24 hours a day. Sign up on our website if you want to start enjoying and earning money.

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