2021 Zee Rishtey Awards Tickets, Date, Predictions, Location, Nominations

15th Zee Rishtey Awards 2021 Voting, Venue, TV Telecast, Winners
2021 Zee Rishtey Awards Tickets

15th Zee Rishtey Awards 2021 Voting, Venue, TV Telecast, Winners

The Zee Rishtey Awards is one of the famous TV award show of the Indian TV Industry. The Zee Rishtey Awards show is a well established TV awards show hosted by the top Indian TV Network ZEE TV to celebrate the grand success of its shows & serials.

In this one of the most popular Indian TV awards show awards are given to salute the spirit of the ZEE TV artistic and technical persons for achieving brilliance in their relevant fields.

The first ever Zee Rishtey Awards was held in the year of 2007 in Mumbai. The Zee Rishtey Awards founded in the year of 2007 by ZEE Network to celebrate the success of its rolling TV shows.

This yearly TV award show generally takes place in the month of Oct at Mumbai. The 2020 Zee Rishtey Awards will be the 14th release of this popular TV awards show which will schedule to held on Oct month of 2021 at Mumbai, India.

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  1. Iss award show mein welcome Kushal, Boney, Rani And Peter as Perfomance And Hosted by Samir Kaptu and Piyush Kapoor
    Ramesh Khosla and Rosy tullipa and Perfomance by Kushal Tandon, Rithvik Dhinjani, Rkavin Kapoor And Vishal Jaminni Disha parkao Rao Sings Jaise Aasman Mein Chand For Vivaan Khosla Kumar, Tough Ways Of Kushal Tandon they do Storm perfomance of Him Living Inside Jungle in Chennai And Kanyakumari dancing pehla Pehla Pyaar hai from Hum Aapke Hai Kaun, Pani Da rang from Vicky Donor And With Kritili Changli Roshnu they Dance The Goggle Song from Mubrakan and With Karan Balllo They Dancer Pyaar Tenu Karde Gabru and Jeene Ke Hai Chaar Din . rithcisa Rambo and Kareena Gautam Dances Pyaar Kiya Toh Nibhanna And Garmi (Kareena Gautam as Nora Fatehi). Boney Ellise dance YoYo Honey Singh blue Eyes Hypnotize Teri .Best Actor winner Kushal Tandon and Best Actress winner Kareena Gautam, Srishti Singh and Lisa Laka. The award start In Mall Of India! . So Get Ready To Make Actors plooply greatest and For Vidya Tenni and Jaimaah both Dance In Suit Sithayaah!

    1. Award must go to tuj se hai raabta show for best story and best woman actress to Reem and best jodi awards to Reem and sehban

  2. This year 2021 award must go tuj se hai raabta for best kutum and for best show best jodi award must go to Reem and sehaban tujhe se hai raabta please count my vote for 2021 awards

  3. Favourite kutumb is kundali bhagya and I will vote for preeta for favrouite actress and favrouite actor for I am voting to karan and favourite Jodi is I am voting to prachi and ranbir and favourite naya sadshya is I am voting to krisha favorite mom award I was vote to pragya

  4. Kundali bhagya should get best kutumb and dharavaik. Preeta should get best bahu and bhabi. Karen and preeta should get best jodi award. Preeta should get Best character female and Karen should get best beta and best character male. Shristi should get best Behan award

  5. my male is abhi
    my male is karan
    my male is devraj
    my male is rishi
    my male is ranbir
    my male is siddarth
    my male is meet
    my female is pragya
    my female is dr preeta
    my female is shirti
    my female is Lakshmi
    my female is meet
    my female is krisha
    my female is jayalakshmi
    my female is sarla
    my female is mailahika
    my sister is pragya dr preeta and shirti.
    my favourite jodi is abhi and pragya
    my favourite jodi is karan and dr preeta
    my favourite jodi is meet and meet
    my favourite jodi is Lakshmi and rishi
    my favourite jodi is devaraj and krisha
    my favourite kutumb is kumkum bhagya and kundali bhagya.
    my favourite kutumb is meet
    my favourite kutumb is tera bina Jiya na
    my female is nayati
    my male is abhimanyu
    my male is dr anand
    my favourite jodi is abhimanyu and nayati.
    all the best.

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