TOP 10 Best Races & Advancers Games for Android

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We all know that races are very popular not only with PC owners. This genre was the first to overcome the lack of buttons on smart phones and become quite playable. The most popular races reach the level of tens of millions of downloads and have a very loyal audience. And what should you try? Choose from the best!


TOP 10 Best Races & Advancers Games for Android

Nitro Nation Racing

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

And here is the new race leader, who broke into the charts of racing games. In this free game, there are no energy restrictions, no expectations for improving the machine, nothing that helps developers to squeeze money out of us. Large selection of cars, online contests, a lot of improvements and even car tuning. If you cross Drag Racing and CRS racing, then this is the brainchild.

Angry birds go

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Another attempt by Rovio to expand the sphere of influence of evil birds led to the creation of the Angry Birds GO. Racing on cards is full of stupid and ridiculous things that you can find only in cartoon games. The game has really cool graphics and simple controls, but the developers use an energy system in it, which means that you will not be allowed to play without interruption, only if, of course, you do not pay real money. If we discard the stupid control system, then we get a funny game in which, by the way, multiplayer is present.

Asphalt 8: Airborne

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

On the reputation of Asphalt can not speak. If you forget about the constant desire of Game loft to sell something to you during the game, then Asphalt 8: Airborne has long been one of the best and most enjoyable games. It is represented by nine modes, resulting in more than 300 story missions, a variety of online modes, a variety of tasks to perform and a huge community of machines that must be unlocked. Add here great graphics with convenient controls and get everything we need in racing. It is also possible to download a less heavy version of the game Asphalt Nitro.

Super Mario Run Mod Apk

[Price: Free with in-Mode APK Zone]


Super Mario Run Mod APK  a classic plat former, a remake of the original Super Mario game for Dandy, will be released on Android in 2017. The legendary plumber is back! This game can be played with just one hand, or rather with one finger. Depending on the combination of svaypov on the screen, Mario will jump higher or further. Collect coins, jump over pits, kill evil mushrooms and other opponents, grab the final flag! Features Super Mario Run for Android :

  • World Tour. Perform various tricks to rescue Princess Peach. The game has 24 levels in 6 different worlds.
  • Rally with toads. Do clever tricks and get more coins, compete with friends and players from around the world. Collecting coins and earning points you can get the support of toads. In order for the toads to settle in your kingdom you will have to try and impress them. Access tickets are required to play Rally.
  • Creating a kingdom. By collecting toads and gold coins, you can build your own kingdom. Using various elements that will help get toads, you can create an incredible kingdom. Toads received in the Rally will help to make the kingdom exactly the way you see it, unique and big. In the Kingdom Creation mode, over 100 different kinds of items are available.


Beach buggy blitz

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Beach Buggy Blitz is another kart racing game filled with cartoon madness and top mechanics. The game is not only very nice graphics, but also convenient driving. We must pay tribute to the developers, because the game was released for a long time, but it has a huge number of modes and endless non-repeating track. But better feel the atmosphere of the game yourself by watching the trailer.

CSR racing

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

CSR Racing was released a long time ago, but constant improvements and added content help keep the game fresh and addictive. The game not only has an extensive campaign in the race for the leader, in which you have to fight to become the top 1 in the world, but here you can also compete online in various competitions for which you will receive awards. You will be able to ride on a huge number of cars, enjoying high-quality graphics. The game also has a version of CSR Classic, in which you can ride a classic.

Drag racing

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Drag Racing is another race for the leader, in many respects similar to CSR Racing, and which is very inferior on the schedule. However, the low quality of drawing is more than offset by the mechanics of the game. You get full control not only on tuning, but also on the power of the car, clutch control, nitro acceleration and other components of the car. Play competitive multiplayer mode and add cars to your garage. The game, though old, but constant updates make it one of the best even now.

Speedboat challenge

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

As you could guess this time you will have to drive on boats. Everything is very simple, in the game you need to overcome waves, rivals and be first in 6 different modes, on a variety of different tracks and locations. Decent graphics, easy operation and the ability to decorate the boat to your taste make the game very attractive, but so far you can not download it from Google Play in Russia. If you are interested in the trailer, then you can search for it on third-party resources.

GT Racing 2

[Price: Free with in-app purchases]

Another game from Gameloft. Despite the fact that she did not deserve such spectator love as Asphalt 8: AirBorne, constant updates and improvements help the game look decent against the competition. The game allows you to ride on 71 cars from more than 30 different manufacturers. 13 tracks in the passage mode do not look like an impressive figure, which is not the case with more than 1,400 events with daily tasks, the number of which is constantly growing. It is also possible to hack to friends online.

Horizon chase

[Price: Free / Paid $ 2.99]

And finally, a relatively new race. Old school vector style blends perfectly with colorful landscapes. Paying once, you get the whole game without further in-game purchases, or you can ride on 5 tracks in the demo version. 16 unlock able cards, 73 tracks and convenient control, and you can find out whether you can pay money for it in the trailer

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