The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing an Event Venue In New York City

How to choose Event Venue In New York City
Event Venue In New York City







Today, everyone wants a fantastic experience when attending an event. An excellent location is nothing without bringing in the right foundational elements that can make or break a successful event.

The process of choosing a venue is complex, especially in New York City. It is more than just finding one that is of the right size. Below is a list of factors to check before selecting one of the best event venues NYC has to offer.


Location Convenience

When choosing an event venue in NYC, one of the paramount factors to consider is the location. People intending to attend will consider the convenience and travel costs.­­­­­­­ Hosts creating events where only locals are expected to attend should consider aspects of transport and parking availability.


Venue Capacity and Additional Rooms

It makes more sense to overestimate the capacity needs than to underestimate. For instance, if your expected attendance is 200 people, ensure there is additional space to accommodate 250 to 300 people in case of additional guests. Some event venues NYC may offer additional rooms and accommodations for guests to move around.


Wi-Fi and Internet Capabilities

Access to the Internet is a necessity for overall production including in events. Your potential avenues should have Wi-Fi access. Constant connectivity to the internet is important if music is being played from a streaming service. For example, if you’re hosting a Christmas party at a hotel, that the standard hotel guests’ internet might not be enough to support your guests.


Transportation and Parking Options

There is a greater chance of increasing attendance by providing information about available cars, trains, buses, and parking availability. Provide information along with tips such as the best time to catch a train or bus. You can make it easier by recommending a transit map app. Cutting down on cost is essential. What are the available options for your attendees? You may be able to partner with a parking garage to make accommodate guests. When it’s not necessary, recommend parking apps to aid in the search for affordable parking spots near the venue too.



When determining the best place for your event, also look at what the potential venues have to offer besides space. Do they provide tables and chairs? Catering services? A/V equipment? If yes, always work out a package deal to ensure you save as much as possible.

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