What are the top medium of entertainment

Entertainment plays a huge role in everyone’s everyday lives. Since the dawn of time, we were looking for ways to keep ourselves entertained in all kinds of different ways. Naturally, as we kept evolving, progressing, and improving, so did our tastes and needs change.

Just looking at recent history we can see that the average attention span in 2018. dropped down to 8 seconds while not even two decades before that, in 2000. it was 12 seconds. It is in our nature to constantly be on the lookout for something new, refreshing and challenging whether or not are we aware of this fact.

How to get Entertainment
Entertainment Medium

Technology certainly had a great role to play in this whole ordeal as, nowadays, we can have tons of various entertainment at the palms of our hands. At any point, you’re just a couple of clicks or taps away from your favorite music, TV shows, movies, podcasts, pictures, you name it. You can even actively participate while entertaining yourself by playing all those compelling video games, whether it’s erotic games or otherwise.

Now, entertainment and the entertainment industry are huge. Also, like everything else, it constantly changes and evolves as we keep finding new ways of keeping ourselves engaged and preoccupied. Naturally, such immense variety also means that some things are much more popular than others. For example, theaters were around since ancient times and are still going strong. Maybe not as visited as they used to be, but are still one of the most popular media of entertainment.

The whole entertainment industry can be split into a couple of major types and those are exhibition entertainment, live entertainment, mass media entertainment, and electronic entertainment. Of course, keeping in mind all the aforementioned factors, certain types are gaining popularity while others are on a steady decline.

It doesn’t take much thinking to see how the appearance of television could’ve initially hurt the radio and theaters. Suddenly you had access to all the best plays regardless of your location. You could’ve watched shows from every theater on Earth while comfortably sitting in your home. And, regarding the radio, TV was almost a full upgrade where, in addition to all those incredible shows and songs, now you also had the video to pair it with.

Nowadays it’s all mixed up. The era of internet made everything accessible which ended up having a twofold effect. On one hand, you can see any play, visit any amusement park, festival, museum, circus, stand-up comedy show, watch a movie, listen to your favorite music and so much more with a simple device that fits your pocket. Movies and video games became one of the most popular media of entertainment.

On the other hand, people started appreciating live performances once again. No matter how good those futa games are, or how amazing that concert looks on your screen, people have started appreciating the whole idea of originality, where it’s much better to experience something live because watching a screen can get boring.

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