Getting Your Face Ready For Fall

The changing of seasons is just around the corner. It’s about time to say a fond farewell to the sweet heat of summer and welcome dropping temperatures and falling leaves. While the switch from sunshine to sweaters might have you thinking about the holidays and pumpkin spice, you may want to take some time to considered taking care of that fabulous face. The change in weather and temperature can leave your skin damaged and dull. Here are some tips and reminders that will help keep you radiant, no matter what the weather is.


Colder air and changes in moisture can lead to irritated, cracked, and chapped lips. Using a lip scrub to exfoliate your lips daily will help shed any dead or dry skin. After scrubbing your lips smooth, be sure you use a nutrient rich balm or serum to really infuse your lips with the vitality they will lose when you are out and about. Also be sure to keep a soothing chapstick handy for continuous moisture and protection throughout the day. Your smile could be the warmth someone needs this season, so make sure it isn’t painful for you to show it off.



Dry skin, overall, is a big concern during changes in season. This goes doubly for your face. No matter how bundled up you get as temperatures sink your face is exposed continuously to the harshness of the elements. Cleansing and moisturizing are both vitally important to the health and beauty of your fabulous face. Gentle washing daily with a mild cleanser will help to keep your pores clean of contaminants without irritating or damaging it. and give your face a fresh feeling while the moisturizer will help keep your skin smooth and firm through the transition. Dry skin can also accentuate fine lines and wrinkles, so a moisturizer with collegen will help you maintain the firm youthfulness of your features. Not only will you be ready for the change in season, you’ll be ready for all those photos when the holidays roll around!



The changing weather of the coming season can make the skin around your eyes dry, but the differences in temperature and light patterns can also cause changes in sleep and rest. All that running around in the beautiful weather can leave you looking exhausted. Bags, drooping eyelids and fine lines can all hinder the expressive potential of your beautiful eyes. Along with your general cleansing and moisturizing routine, this fall may be the perfect time for you to encorporate an eyelid treatment. The Genucel eyelid treatment will help to tighten and lift drooping or sagging eyelids. By utilizing peptide proteins, it tightens and brightens the area around the eye. The Genucel eye treatment has utilized breakthrough formulas and extensive plant science to create a truly innovative product that will help keep your youthful eyes smiling along with the rest of you.


Even if the weather outside gets frightful, your face certainly doesn’t have to be. Taking care of your skin, eyes and lips will keep you feeling healthy and looking happy. A new season could mean a new you, if you want it to. So as the leaves fall and the air chills, let your beautiful, healthy face be the gift you give yourself and everyone you see.


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