Big change in the video game entertainment industry comes this year

For several years, video games revenue is more significant than the music and movie industry combined, and that trend will only continue. Since the early eighties and the rise of the Nintendo Entertainment System, video games are continually getting better.

At the same time, the age of the average gamer is continuously getting higher and is now well over thirty. Thanks to smartphones, it seems that everyone is playing something. Luckily, games have also evolved, so they give us more than pure entertainment.

What is the future of Video Game Industry
The future of Video Game Industry

Next-generation is coming

At the end of 2020, both Microsoft and Sony will launch the new generation of their consoles, Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5, respectively. Their hardware is far superior to their 2013 predecessor and includes more memory, faster CPU and GPU, but also specialized SSD drives that will load games in an instant, like in the days of cartridge-based games.

There are other exciting benefits like ray tracing support that will make games look more realistic, but it’s not all about graphics. Stronger hardware gives the developers a chance to use that power not only to built more life-like environments but also to invest in better AI, realistic physics, or bigger worlds.

Today’s video games are already incredibly complex, and Grand Theft Auto V still serves as the best example. With a budget of well over $100 million, Rockstar has built an incredibly detailed world that strongly resembles modern Los Angeles, and it was all done for then already aging PS3 and Xbox 360 hardware. That is why it’s hard to imagine what this studios and its competitors are already developing for the next-gen consoles.

While PC gamers will grumble saying that they already have next-gen hardware and incredible sex games, what history taught us is that a big leap comes only after the release of next-gen hardware.


Glimpses of future

The future is already here in some ways, as we’ve seen some games that will exploit every ounce of power of even the mightiest console or PC. The most exciting game at this moment is CD Projekt’s RED Cyberpunk 2077 that has recently been delayed from April to September, probably to get closer to the release of next-gen consoles.

The world of this game looks incredible, and while it’s pure fantasy, everything from characters living their daily lives to an incredibly detailed environment will make you think if this is what may become a reality. If you would instead look into the past, Assassin’s Creed will probably satisfy your needs. This long-standing series set the standards as 2017 Assassin’s Creed Origins features free Discovery Tour DLC that gives players a chance to free roam the world of Old Egypt and learn about its daily life.

There are also guided tours by eminent historians, but in both cases, there are no storylines, side-quests, or anything that would disturb you. This tool is certified by the British Museum and is already used in schools, as it’s more interactive than any other way of learning. There is no doubt that PS5 and Xbox One Series X sequels will only bring everything to a much higher level.


Exciting times for gamers

While free sex games will stay popular, gamers will be happy to pay for mainstream games if they offer a lot of value. These multiplayer games are dominating in the last decade, single-player adventures are still going strong, and that probably won’t change. While we might be nostalgic about past times, the truth is that this is the best time for the gamers and the entertainment industry in general.

This year will be remembered as one of the most important ones, as there will be huge reveals E3 and later on Gamescom, with lots of surprises in the meantime. If you are not a gamer or are usually playing only online sex games, this is the best time to jump in and discover what this is all about. Modern games almost always offer casual modes that will ease you into their world and encourage you to explore them.

While you are enjoying the environments that are getting realistic or at least are coming close to great looking CGI we see in movies, you will probably learn a thing or two and be inspired more than ever to read about them. The possibilities are almost endless, and we have no doubt that the future looks bright, with so many amazing games that you probably won’t even be able to play them all!

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