The rise of the World Cinema

Uses of Technology in World cinema
The first movie of World Cinema

With the help of innovative technology the world cinema gets major boost in the late of the 19th century. First ever film of the USA is Monkeyshines which was shot in the year of 1889 in USA. It’s also the First movie of the world cinema.

It’s a testing film made to test the original cylinder Kinetograph format. This first ever movie of the world cinema, Monkeyshines 1 was shot by William K.L. Dickson and William Heise for the Edison labs. Soon after Monkeyshines 2 and Monkeyshines 3 was followed to test further conditions.


These films were intended to be internal tests of the new camera system, and were not created for commercial use; their rise to prominence resulted much later due to work by film historians. All three films show a blurry figure in white standing in one place making large gestures and are only a few seconds long.

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