2019 Star Parivaar Awards Nominations, Voting, Winners, Venue, Host, Schedule, Tickets

17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 Winners, Live Date, Online Voting, Tickets, Nominees


The Star Parivaar Awards Show is one of the most popular TV award show of the Indian TV Industry. The Star Parivaar Awards is a well established TV awards show which is hosted by the top Indian TV Network Star TV in the month of May or June. In this one of the most popular Indian TV awards show where awards are given to salute the spirit of the Star TV artistic and technical persons for achieving brilliance in their relevant fields.

The Star Parivaar award was founded in the year of 2003 at Mumbai, the finance city of India. The 2019 Star Parivaar Awards Show will be the 17th edition of this well recognized Indian TV awards show which will schedule to be held on May month in one of the popular city of India.

17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 Winners, Live Date
2019 Star Parivaar Awards Show

2019 Star Parivaar Awards Schedule
17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 schedule to held in the June month of 2019.

2019 Star Parivaar Awards Venue
17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 will be the held in one of the popular destination.

2019 Star Parivaar Awards Tickets
17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 tickets will be available in the official site of Star TV Network.

2019 Star Parivaar Awards Host
17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 will be hosted by one of the top celebrity of the TV world.

2019 Star Parivaar Awards Nominations
17th Star Parivaar Awards 2019 nominations for numerous categories are –

FilmFare Awards – The most popular Bollywood Awards

Since the development of The Filmfare Awards in the 1954, it is presented yearly by The Times Group to honour excellence of professionals in the Bollywood Cinema of India. The Filmfare Awards is one of the oldest cinema awards of the Bollywood which is also known as the Oscar award of the Bollywood Cinema.

The Filmfare award ceremony is one of the oldest and most popular film events in Bollywood. These awards were started same year as the National Film Awards. They were initially referred to as the Clare Awards after the editor of The Times of India, Clare A Mandy. In the Filmfare Awards a dual voting system is applied in which both the public and a committee of experts voted for the awards.

Fact File of Filmfare Awards
FilmFare Awards

Fact File of Filmfare Awards

* The inaugural Filmfare awards function was held on 21 March 1954 at the Metro Theatre of Mumbai.

* In the 1954 only five awards categories were presented.

* First Best movie was given to Do Bigha Zameen movie.

* First Best Director award was given to Bimal Roy for his direction of Do Bigha Zameen movie.

* First Best Actor was awarded to Dilip Kumar for his performance in Daag movie.

* First Best Actress award was awarded to Meena Kumari for her performance in Baiju Bawra movie.

* First Best Music Director award was taken by Naushad for his music in Baiju Bawra movie.

* In the year of 2018 there were total 37 awards categories presented.

* The superstar of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan received the most nominations in Filmfare awards.

Movie – The most popular Entertainment medium

In modern world movies becomes one of the most popular entertainment medium. It’s an another form of art. It is the most devastating medium to express any story in the form of visual arts in all over the universe.

Movie is also known as Cinema, Film, or a motion picture. In simple term Cinema is a tale expressed with moving images. It is produced by recording photographic images with cameras, or by creating images using animation techniques or visual effects.

Movie - A Visual art form
Movie World







In the current society Films are considered to be an important art form, a source of popular entertainment and a powerful method for cultivating peoples. The visual elements of Cinema gives it a universal power of communication.

As like American Movie World is known as Hollywood, Indian Movie World is also popular as Bollywood. Bollywood term is mainly associated with the India Mumbai based cinema.

Bollywood is situated in the economic capital of India known as Mumbai. Bollywood is the largest film producer in India and one of the largest centres of film production in the world.

Bollywood films are widely watched in all over the world. As cinema as a medium gained popularity in the country more than 200 of Bollywood films were produced annually.